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    The media arequestioning whether an 18-year-old girl with a substance abuse record can handle such large estate without succumbing to wanton spending and unintelligent handling of money. In the latest RnB news, Whitney Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel just cheap red hermes belts online before the night of the 54thGrammy Award. There was also the rumor that Bobbi cheap red hermes belts online Kristina was set to inherit Houston’s estate. This particular latest RnB news of Kelly Rowland trying to calm down the press came after the news that Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston’s daughter to Bobby Brown, was set to inherit the estate of her late mother that is estimated to be at 10 to 20 million dollars. This is the time for her to be given the chance to grieve over her loss. cheap red hermes belts online She also added in the latest RnB news that this was a tragic time for the family and that Bobbi Kristinashould hermes belt buckle for sale be left alone in this moment of cheap red hermes belts online lamentation. As this latest RnB news hit the media, Kelly Rowland is considered to be one of the friends of the family of the late Whitney Houston who stand in support for the late singer’s daughter. Yet, Kelly Rowland fights back birkin bag website behind Bobbi Kristina’s right to be left alone, especially during this time when her mother has just passed away. The latest RnB news noticed that the media do not like hermes enamel bracelet the attitude and what the daughter of the late diva have been showing them that they attack her for every little detail of her life. In Kelly Rowland’s talk with the media and something that made the latest RnB news, she said that the media should calm down. cheap red hermes belts online In this event, former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland backed Bobbi Kristina and told the press to calm down. Meanwhile, the music industry is set to make tributes for the late Grammy award singer-actress Whitney Houston. Bobbi Kristina, in her young age of 18, is known for her substance abuse problem that family members want her to undergo rehab. She also said that she won’t cry for the family but wish to bestrong with them. The latest R&B news released a set of series of news and articles asking the competency of Bobbi Kristina in handling the estate of the late Whitney Houston. The news of the tragic death of Whitney Houston was still fresh in the mind of people, specially her family, when media started to talk hermes belt constance and criticize her daughter Bobbi Kristina.

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