About IMUCA Case Brand

Imuca is the leading brand of mobile cyber devices defender, belonging to Baseton Industrial (HK) Limited. Baseton was launched in Italy 2010, located in Italy .March of 2012, the branch office is set up in Hi-Tech Industry park of Shenzhen, China ,nearby hongkong, the largest free import &export trading city in Asia. Specialized in designing arts and Manufacturing crafts, also well-known for its sensitive sense of modern and creativeness .Globally it exports creative and iPad Mini case Galaxy S4 case s and fashion solutions.and with 2000 square meters office and warehouse. Baseton is specialized in developing , and marketing 3C digital peripheral products, with a aim to provide stylish, elegant, high-quality products and services for all over the world.

IMUCAs all believe in more than being.More try,more courage to develop itself exceeds keeping the same . This belief of IMUCA base on the young team with rich strange idea and powerful motivation .The name source of “IMUCA”is also from the communication of the Italy and China colleagues,the Chinese colleagues think of “love’s transmitters”,meanwhile the Italy colleagues give the idea “Io sono il tuo cappotto”. Then these two different languages are combined ,and finally IMUCA come out with a meaning of “love’s protector”.

IMUCA was concentrated in the advanced cyber consuming products and services, especially in PDA and smart phones peripherals .It insists that creativeness and innovation leads more humanized and cool life. During the past years, It has being developed rapidly, and now it accumulates rich experience in serving with customers and business partners .